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The importance of Inspirational Quotes and Motivational Sayings.

       A "motivation" plays a great role in every human's life. It gives moral strength to do great things & helps to build a good character. By inspiring motivational quotes and sayings of great people, leaders, achievers, saints, we can develop our personality in a good manner.
       As the quotes and sayings forwarded by our previous generations with their experiences and observations, we can avoid harmful experiences and take them as lessons in our personal life.
       To be a good human, to obtain respect in society, to be true, responsible citizen of the country everyone should know, read & follow good quotes & sayings in every stage of life.
       We all well aware of the worst situations, terror and violent happenings worldwide. These all are the evil thoughts developed by the selfish, narrow-minded ideologies. It is the time to condemn and control bad practices, popularize the good and positive thoughts to maintain peace.

Good-Morning, Telugu, Subhodayam Quotes, Motivational Sayings
Good-Morning, Telugu, Subhodayam Quotes, Motivational Sayings
Good-Morning, Telugu, Subhodayam Quotes, Motivational Sayings
Inspiring, Motivational, Sayings on God, Religion, Faith, Social Life

       The India (Bharath Varsh) is one of the ancient civilizations of the world. From the Vedic times, our ancestors preached the morals & motivations in the form of Vedas. And great saints like Veda Vyasa, Valmiki, created great mythologies of "Maha Bharath", "Ramayana" etc..In the same way we have a great philosophical Hindu scripture "Shrimad Bhagavad Gita" which considered the first and most authentic motivations, inspiring book in the world.
       Sometimes we can not guess our inner strength & ability to dare and attempt the high tasks. By the failures, we undergo in disappointed mood and even we can not try to overcome the problems too. Here the motivations quotes are playing very optimistic & crucial role to recover and retry till reaching our goals.
       Regarding this phenomenon, there was a mythological episode in "Ramayana". While searching of Sita, Hanuman and his troops reached the seashore of the southern India which closes to Srilanka, where they supposed to find the Sita's identity. except for the Hanuman, there was no one have the capability to take a big leap on the ocean to reach Srilanka. Though he has the capability he underestimates his power and denied to jump. At that time his associates in the troop of vanara (The army of monkies) Jambavantha, Sugriva, Angada etc, praised him by motivational words to bring out his strength and perform the task with full confidence. Thus The mighty Hanuman took a big leap on the great Hindu ocean, reached the Lanka and found the Sita.
       The same way we too have the great power in us but the lack of the confidence, sometimes we scare and could not dare to take the action. That is the time, the quotes bring an optimistic attitude and motivate us to go-ahead.
       The good quotes, greetings, wishes, humorous things make happy and keep us all the time in a positive mood, which this website " " brings a number of and various types of quotes, greetings & wishes for your satisfaction.